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Version 4.3.1 of MapTk (2018-06-01)
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Map of Südtirol
Version 4.42 of map (2018-08-08)

Contact: Maptk

Map of Südtirol
Filename Filesize Filetime
Copyright and other information.
47.8 K2018-03-03 15:12:32
Südtirol 4.42 Setup.exe
Installation for Windows for actual
MapSource and BaseCamp (up to version 4.6.2)
or MapInstall (up to version 4.0.4).
Not required if GMAP format was downloaded.
48.0 M2018-08-08 11:22:38
GMAP format for Windows and Mac with actual
BaseCamp / MapInstall.
Not required if windows setup was downloaded.
56.5 M2018-08-08 11:18:24
For users without access to Mapsource or Basecamp / Mapinstall:
Direct use on Oregon and other devices.
Not required if Setup.exe or GMAP was downloaded.
64.5 M2018-08-08 11:18:02

New BaseCamp (version 4.7.0) and MapInstall (version 4.2.0)
are not able to transfer registry based maps (IMG format) into the GPS device. In MapTk use the GMAP button after MAKE to produce the map in GMAP format.

Download the GMAP version of the Südtirol map instead setup for Windows.

The GMAP folder must be copied into the Garmin map folder. This folder in Windows is 'c:\Users\[name]\AppData\Roaming\GARMIN\Maps\'. This folder is normally hidden. An alternative solution is to store the GMAP folder anywhere in the system and add a link in the Garmin map folder.

Registry based maps can be converted to the GMAP format. One of the tools to do that is MapTk: Menu 'GMAP' -> 'Convert to GMAP format'. The source and the destination folder must be chosen. The registry entry must be removed after copy to the Garmin map folder in Windows: Menu 'Registry' -> 'Delete from registry'.

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