Map Toolkit (MapTk)
Version 4.3.0 of MapTk (2018-03-25)
History and more details see here: English Deutsch

Map Südtirol
Version 4.30 of map (2018-02-15)

Contact: Maptk

Map toolkit for Windows
Filename Filesize Filetime
145 icons for POIs in TYPE file.
28.5 K2011-06-10 17:32:24
 NEW  MapTk 4.3.0 Windows.exe
Installation for Windows.
(Contains English and German manual)
10.2 M2018-03-30 04:27:06
 NEW  MapTk_de.pdf
(in Installation enthalten)
1.3 M2018-03-25 17:21:14
 NEW  MapTk_en.pdf
(included in installation)
1.3 M2018-03-25 17:27:18
 NEW  notice.pdf
(history and details)
71.1 K2018-03-25 11:37:36
Sample project with index, routing
and DEM. Extracted from S├╝dtirol map.
(Adapt folder in PRJ file: Edit header !)
4.4 M2018-04-02 11:12:28